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Our bite-sized, interactive lessons will help your team develop the skills you need for real-life communication. And because we know you are busy, we made sure that with just 10 minutes a day, your employees will be able to engage in their first conversations in no time.

Here is how it works

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Practical conversation skills

Immerse in Sign Language through interactive and useful dialogs that get them conversational fast.

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Remember what you've learnt

Use our vocabulary trainer to reinforce your memory and retain your learnings for the long term.

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Sign Language Dictionary

Looking for a specific sign or sentence? No problem - our dictionary for American and British Sign Language has got you covered.

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Keep an overview

Stay on top of all your learners with the admin dashboard. See your team staying motivated with streaks and engaging content.

Questions? Go to our FAQs.

At any time.

Learn American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL) with Lingvano on the smartphone, tablet, or laptop. No matter whether your team works from the office or remote, the learning progress is constantly being synced across all your employee's devices. 

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Here is what our users love about learning Sign Language with Lingvano

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Satisfied Users

Over the last years, we attracted more than 400k happy users – become one too!


Content Modules

Our course contains 7 modules and dozens of lessons and quizzes. We add new content regularly.


Useful Tools

   Sign Dictionary

•   Vocab Trainer

•   Number Trainer

   Fingerspelling Trainer​

   Admin Dashboard


Business Lessons

(coming soon)

To prepare your workforce optimally, we have a dedicated module for signing at work.

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Building bridges

Our aim is to help you connect with Deaf colleagues, customers, and business partners. Get your business started with learning Sign Language now and help build bridges.

Frequently Asked Questions

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